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People: Team Members

Alex Tsantilas 

Research Technologist  

Alex materialized (verb) in a collaboration between the Modell Lab and the Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Sciences. Created from building blocks of keys (noun) and good-looking (adj) toasters (noun), he explores this Earth with one objective – to bungee-jump (verb) with Kevin Bacon (person), no matter the cost. As an infant, Alex loved Switzerland (noun), and that passion follows him today, with his extensive flamethrower (noun) and zombified (adj) lemur (noun) collections. Outside of the lab, Alex never turns down an intergalactic (adj) protest (noun), though his fear of the Mariana Trench (noun) prevents him from living the sinister (adj) life he desires. If you see him, approach slowly, as you would a pterodactyl (animal) or mantis shrimp (animal). 

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