Joshua Modell

Principal Investigator

Josh got his PhD from MIT in the lab of Michael Laub and did his postdoctoral work at Rockefeller University with Luciano Marraffini. Outside of the lab, Josh enjoys cooking, eating, ball sports, and constantly filling his rear bike wheel with air. Josh wonders whether there is a hole or if that’s simply what it’s like to be a bike commuter, riding and pumping, riding and pumping. Josh claims to be training for a half-marathon, but some question his dedication, most of all, his wife Cleo. Cleo mentioned that there is a 5k on the same day as the half-marathon, and Josh felt patronized, which is exactly what Cleo wanted. Now, everyone’s watching to see what he will do…


Bella Cabrera

PREP Scholar

Bella graduated with a BS in Biomolecular Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. At MSOE she spent many hours in the cell culture lab trying to keep her cells alive, eventually learning that love isn’t enough, you need stronger media and water in the incubator. Bella’s favorite movie is Watchmen. Her favorite food is her mom’s pozole. She loves drawing and hopes to finally use all of the art supplies she’s bought while thinking “today will be the day I become an artist.”

Sakshi Chavan

Biotechnology Master's Student

Sakshi got her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from Mumbai University, India and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins. In her free time, she loves to draw, practice calligraphy, learn some Japanese, and struggles to keep her orchids and chrysanthemums alive. Owing to her Indian roots, she tends to find flaming hot cheetos and taco bell rather bland, and hot sriracha is her dietary staple. She sometimes feels like the odd one out in this cat lovers’ lab since the only feline she owns at the moment is her snow leopard plushie.

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Nick Keith

BCMB PhD Candidate

Nick received his BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. Outside of lab, he devotes the majority of his time to planning his next backpacking adventure (both the hiking and world-traveling types). Since he’ll never actually be able to find the money or time for those trips, he instead spends his free time playing the banjo and other instruments, making home renovations, and trying to clicker train his stubborn cat. If all goes as planned, he recommends following his newly-trained adventure cat’s Instagram influencer account so he can help his girlfriend pay her medical school tuition.


Marie Stoltzfus

BCMB PhD Candidate

Marie received her BS in molecular biology from Millersville University. When she isn’t pipetting or watching bacteria battle phage under the microscope, she enjoys running and biking around Baltimore, cooking (mostly) vegetarian food, enthusing over science with elementary school students, and playing the cello. She has backpacked alone through foreign countries and jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet, but catching a waiter’s attention still makes her nervous every time.

Sarah Voss

BCMB PhD Student

Sarah received her BS in Biochemistry at Texas State University before packing everything she owns into her Prius and driving across the country to join the BCMB program and the Modell lab. When she’s not in lab, she is probably in her Prius. Going anywhere that’s not home and doing anything that doesn’t cost too much money. Sarah really has to save her money because she spends it all on iced lattes. Yes, it would cost less if she just made coffee at home or used the fancy espresso machine in lab, but we all know it tastes better when someone else makes it. And Sarah is definitely drinking lattes for the taste- not because she’s addicted to caffeine or anything.


Rachael Workman

BCMB PhD Candidate

Rachael received her BS and MS in Biology from WV and Portland State Universities. When not in lab grappling with the mysteries of microbial genetics, she can be found hugging her three dogs, cat and husband, playing gaelic sports, gardening, playing euphonium, or laying on the couch drinking whiskey and thinking she does too many things. She is the lab's resident expert on Bachelor Nation and always prefers to be wearing hiking boots because you just never know.

Former lab members

Bella Cabrera - BSI-SIP Summer Intern, Summer 2020

Leo Graeff - Undergraduate researcher, 2018-2020

Binh Nguyen - Research technologist, 2018-2020

Teja Pammi - Research technologist, 2018-2020